Trujillo severance package questioned: More to come

The latest reports confirm that he left for Mexico City on Wednesday, June 11, with an undisclosed amount of cash and approximately 5.5 kilograms of marijuana. A preliminary report by the FBI indicates that the suspect is suspected of being involved in a drug ring linked t엠카지노o Mexican drug cartels, but it is unclear from which Mexican cartel, as of yet. He is considered armed and dangerous by the B에그 벳ureau.

The investigation into Trujillo’s flight begins s마이다스 카지노oon after the suspect had boarded Air Canada flight 417 from Montreal’s Gatineau airport to Toronto, where authorities allege he paid $3,000 for a ticket from the Montreal airport to Mexico City, and $1,350 for transportation costs and a hotel room.

He departed Toronto at 10:28 p.m. at the conclusion of a four-hour flight. Investigators are also looking into another part of the investigation that relates to other flights that were arranged with the same person. Those flights are the part of the investigation that involves Trujillo, but officials would not confirm that he was in Canada at the time the flight arrived in Mexico City, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Air Canada denied reporting that a passenger who did not have an ID or boarding pass for the flight, and who apparently took a different flight from Montreal, had been removed from the flight. The airline has also said, though it is not specified, that the passenger who left the plane was not in its passenger manifest at the time of departure.

All of the departures made on June 11, 2012, by the suspect are in Montreal.