Three dead after plane accident at norwegian fishing village.


Pilot crashes plane on fishing boat


One killed as plane crashes in Norway.


Fire kills pilot, says flight instructor


The plane is presumed crashed in land.


Norwegian police report one fatal crash of the Airbus A320 plane.


In a press conference, them카지노 National Transportation Safety Bureau said the Norwegian government has closed a number of aviation safety zones.

“The safety authority has closed all zones that were closed following the crash,” said Johan Lintø.

The Norwegian media quoted the safety authority as saying the planes that crashed on the island belonged to different governments.

Meanwhile, the air force is investigating after a Norwegian plane crashed in a field.

“We have opened a investig청주 출장 안마ation into the cause,” spokesman Anders Hejerødt told the NTB news agency. “Now we have to understand exactly what happened as this is a difficult one.”

An airport official, also at the 오피스 타press conference, said the plane was a Boeing 777-200ER.

Nelson Strait has been closed between the island of Lule and the mainland for 15 months following a crash at sea in 2012 that killed all on board and injured more than 300.

The search of the field for the wreckage will likely have to be extended until Thursday, when the search and rescue unit is to begin a six-month mission with a specialist in air-sea rescue.