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The rate of interest is fixed by the RBI and RBI is responsible for raising it. If a fixed rate of interest is not given, the state Government is allowed to rais청주출장샵e its own rate of interest. However, RBI usually has to raise the rate when interest is applied. In other words, the rate cannot exceed the rate of interest paid by the borrowers at the branch. In case where the state Government would like the higher rate, it must apply the interest at the RBI. In case of a state-wide rate of interest of 50 per cent, RBI should notify the Governor. If this is not done within the prescribed time limit, then the State Government must seek the assistance of the Bank.

The interest on loans received from foreign lenders, which is deducted from the total loan amount, has to be deposited in the Central Reserve Fund. These are paid in advance, and interest is payable as a percentage of the amount received. RBI has the power to approve the rates of interest which are to be paid by lenders, and the interest rate at bank branches and else포항안마 포항출장안마where will be the prevailing one.

Mortgage lenders get a fixed rate of interest as well as fixed principal loan amounts. The term of any loan will be 12 months from the date of the initial application. The maximum number of mortgages can be over Rs. 50,000. If a particular loan amounts more than Rs. 75 lakh, then RBI may impose an additional loan limit on interest.

In cases of high principal loan amount, there is no limit of the amount that could be applied for the first time, except that a person earning over Rs. 1 lakh in an individual case can apply an additional amount of less than Rs. 1.5 lakh for each year of interest-earning period.

On any outstanding principal loan, the maximum amount can be increased by adding to the amount already paid by the borrower. Such a person who pays interest on the loan and does not receive the principal within 12 months of making the first payment shall be liable to collect the money of interest on the second loan, as per RBI’s interest rules. However, the maximum amount which can be paid to the applicant is fixed at Rs. 5 lakh, or Rs. 500 per day, over a period of 12 months. If the applicant has been collecting the amount of interest on each loan, the amount paid over these years would be the amount of interest, which would be paid as interest from that poin