Red cross pushes for saddam visit

(ANSAmed) – Rome, June 20 – The Vatican on Friday ordered the head of a Roman Catholic parish to visit the site of the massac블랙 잭re of nuns in Bologna in 1993, calling for an official visit by the Archbishop of Rome. The pope is visiting Spain to celebrate Mass for the first time since that gruesome incident that shocked Europe.

Cardinal Angelo Scola said that the cardinal had been told by Italian bishops to give a visit to a nun who had been murdered and the scene of the massacre. He said that the V영주출장샵 영주안마atican’s mandate was to ensure “that justice is done, that the perpetrators are put behind bars and that peace prevails”. Scola is considered the most senior religious figure in the Church – he is known by his Latin name Angelo – and is the archbishop of Milan and one of the Vatican’s most powerful men.

Under papal instructions last summer, an independent panel of experts on violence was created to decide on any future inquiries into the attack in Bologna. Pope Francis, who has said the nuns had been abducted and gangraped, has since appointed an “interim” commission.

The head of the Vatican’s peace service has said the 카지노 사이트meeting he is holding with bishops on Friday in Barcelona can address any issues raised by the victims’ families.

Citing Vatican sources, Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper on Saturday said that Bishop Paolo Di Canio, the country’s top bishop, had been told by leaders of five dioceses that they were required to attend a “sadam visit” of a nun raped and murdered.

“He said the cardinals should consider the issue and see whether the possibility of a visit to the site can come about,” it quoted him as saying.

On Friday, the church’s security minister, Federico Lombardi, ordered an investigation of the tragedy but has said that neither a special bishop nor a priest was needed. Pope Francis also last week ordered an independent expert panel to probe the matter.

The pope has repeatedly condemned a “culture of impunity” and urged churches to be more responsible when dealing with issues of mass killings.

The UN, which holds a summit with him in Bologna later this month, has also criticized Rome for failing to act on the case of the Bolognese girl, who remains missing.

(Reporting by Anastasia Vlasova; Editing by Peter Cooney)