Share market advances after bernanke testimony and his subsequent statement on it. For further reading see:

Here’s a link to the NY Fed’s short-term interest rate target:

To find out more click here.

In short, if you have the money to do some research about central banks and the central banking system, an인터넷 카지노d have the financial resources to start some of your own investment research, do yourself a favor and dig in. Start looking around.

Banks, too. You want to start there:

This is from “The Fed’s Price of Money” by Stephen Greenman:

Central banks create money not to make the world a better place, but for themselves; they우리 카지노 are not supposed to keep us safe or even to엠카지노 promote a stable economic system, but they have done it enough times that they need to begin the process of getting rid of it.

This is a huge issue for our entire economy, as central banks in America and around the world will be paying off for many years. The following is part of a series I’ll write in a while about the Fed.