More than 100 people missing in was카지노 사이트hington state landslide Copyright by WDTN – All rights reserved Police search for a survivor found after his kayak washed ashore in the Washtenaw County wilderness Sunday morning, March 8, 2017 (WDTN photo) [ – ] Video

WESTERN NEW YORK (NEWS10TV) – More than 100 people missing in washington state landslide on Saturday.

It happened just before 9:00 a.m. The Washington County Emergency Management Center received about a dozen calls about a water drop in a creek. They say a few family members had gone to a nearby creek and stayed there.

The caller said two or three of the family members went down in the creek, but then it went back up.

Authorities say that one person’s kayak went into the river about 100 yards away and another person’s kayak went on to shore. The other person was found about a mile away.

A total of nine vehicles, mostly water taxis, were towed away from the area near the creek.

“We don’t have the exact location of this spill,” sa바카라ys DCM Deputy Director Jim Burchin. “It’s a water drop. This is not related to water quality issues at all.”

The incident was initially reported as an “isolated” water slide incident.

“The number one thing we need to determine is what went on that day,” says Burchin. “We’ll probably be working with the water bureau to determine what exactly caused this. We’re going to have to come back at least twice the next day.”

On Sunday morning, the creek flooded some homes and damaged other structures. Officials say the next few days are very dangerous in western New York for any form of water d카지노 사이트amage.