Thai pm to allow weekend protest

KUALA LUMPUR: A week-long street protest will turn into a major street demonstration in Bangkok when about 400,000 people gather outside parliament later today after the government announced it will increase income tax on high income earners to 30%.

In a statement, the government announced it will also increase the tax on the self-employed, increasing taxes on food services, hotels and taxis 예스카지노by 20 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.

The government will also allow the people to protest during the government shutdown that ended on Sunday.

“We are not going to stop the people from protesting as long as they get their demands,” National Development Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed Wan Saiful said, adding this is expected to last for two weeks and will take place in different parts of the country.

Dr Mahathir’s statement comes after three weeks of protest, with the Government seeking to maintain order and prevent any major disturbances.

At present around 20 to 30,000 protesters marched in Bangkok’s major thoroughfares demanding the reinstatement of the death penalty and a crackdown on social media. They will continue in different parts of the country across the day, Dr Mahathir said.

Organisers say the protest will not be the “biggest protest in history”, however the timing of when it starts is in contention, with the government seeking to take the opportunity to take stock of the situation to plan the protest.

Protesters also want to show the Thai public that they have a say in how policies are implemented in the country, after they say they were ignored for too long during the government’s decade-long crisis.

However a number of people in Bangkok are skeptical about the government’s plan.

“To change the laws of Thailand without consulting the people is not like changing the rules of the game that a billionaire likes the rules of,” said Tunku Chulhoen, a worker at a shopping complex and a protest organiser.

“This is just going to give us more information to get the demands.”

In addi바카라tion to the demands, the protesters want the government to rein in the government body that finances Bangkok’s government.

They are a바카라lso worried the government is going ahead with its plans to cut public health services, including abortion, and the use of emergency contraception to prevent birth control failure and HIV.

The protesters have also demanded a transition period during which the new health system will be open for business.