Scots rally against army shake up

The Scottish Government has now issued a statement saying it is fully aware of the impact on family budgets of a reshuffle.

A “special and unprecedented” freeze on pensions and benefits for over 40,000 pensioners has m카지노 사이트eant they will struggle to save for a down payment to buy a home or go out on a holiday.

A recent analysis for the Scottish Government said Scotland’s pension budget was worth £2.6bn less than it would have been under the previous Scottish Government, a huge dent in the fund’s finances.

It said: “The immed바카라iate impact to individual pensioners affected by this decision will be significant.

“With pensioner benefits frozen, agospelhitz number of savings arrangements may be difficult to sell to their recipients over the coming months.”

‘Not ideal solution’

Shadow Chancellor John Swinney said: “In today’s economic climate, the immediate impact of a freeze on pensioner benefits in Scotland has been huge for Scots who depend on housing or public transport.

“This is absolutely not the Scotland’s best policy to deal with Scotland’s finances or the situation of our people.

“Today’s decision to slash pensions and give people a few more months to make their own choice is the wrong solution for Scotland or its people.

“It will hit those already in a difficult situation particularly women who already face hardship, but it is likely to cause much hardship to many more, as the freeze will affect every family across Scotland – including the pensioners.

“We now have to wait and see if ministers will listen to the calls of the Scottish people for action.”