Opposition questions breath test speed equipment, says federal regulator

An Ottawa-based regulator is asking the Minister of Pu수원출장안마blic Safety and Emergency Preparedness why the government’s breath test equipment doesn’t allow the consumer to ask questions in the f광주출장마사지 광주출장샵ield while it runs.

The Canadian Association of Fire Fighters (CAFF) wants to know how equipment at Transport Canada’s central offices, like its Breath-O-Meter, 여수출장샵would work in the context of a controlled field.

CBSA is in the process of updating CBSA requirements for driver’s licence-holders, including breath-test equipment, in order to ensure it does not contravene federal consumer protection standards.

In a letter last week to Transport Minister Marc Garneau, CABF asked for details to help them make the regulatory changes and the process more transparent and accountable.

In a statement, Garneau said the Government was continuing to improve regulations on breath-test equipment and has taken steps to ensure that equipment would continue to work safely in field situations.

Transport Canada is working on ways to make the equipment safer, he said.

Garneau will present the public safety proposal to Parliament on Tuesday.