Evangel denies being out of step with party and wants leadership for party

In an interview with KTRK-TV from his church, the Rev. Bill Taylor, the chair of the New Seattle Missionary Baptist Church, says he’s heard from “all of these groups” who think that the Rev. Billy Graham could take over as leader if he was not nominated.

“My fear, however, is that he won’t even nominate him if he has to be re-elected,” Taylor said.

“My hope, therefore, is that he would put a voice and a plan forward.”

Taylor said Graham has been supportive of the church and of the mission, but in the past has indicated he’s not ready to step aside.

He noted, “He has not indicated that he would step aside just because you don’t agree with or approve of his views.”

Trent Clements, a New Seattle pastor, said he thinks Graham has already made up his mind and has no desire to step down.

“He made his choice with confidence, he didn’t do this at his own cost. He’s a man of God. He has a conscience,” Clements said.

Graham, a longtime friend of President Obama, said in a statement that he is “tremendously grateful to the New Seattle Missionary Baptist Church.”

“I want to express my appreciation to God for allowing us to continue our mission, and continue serving those in need of the spiritual guidance He has given us,” he added.

Rev. Billy Graham does not want to step down as New Seattle Missionary Baptist Church founder

Some members of New Seattle Church, which is on the other side of Broadway from Seattle’s Union Station, are worried the decision might harm the church’s image and천안출장마사지 donations, some of which are critical of Graham.

In response, church leaders told KIRO-TV that they don’t anticipate it changing anyone’s mind about their endorsement.

“You do not need to come here and say I will take over as the leader if there is an opportunity because I haven’t decided anything yet 시흥출장안마 시흥출장마사지and I am not doing that,” said the Rev. Scott Davis, head of the New Seattle Missionary Baptist Church.

Taylor, who called the New Seattle Missionary Baptist Church a “mixed family” in a recent radio interview, said he thinks New Seattle will probably continue to give in the end to Graham as long as he’s the 전주출장마사지main person who represents New Seattle Missionary Baptist Church.