Firefighters threaten to protest during games without air conditioning Monday, Jan. 8, 2016, in West Virginia. AP Photo/L.G. Patterson, File

In the early morning hours of January 4, 2016, the West Virginia National Guard responded to a disturbance at Air Force Base Little Rock, when여주출장샵 four airmen were taken into custody and later released without charges.

The incident brought the Air Force out of an otherwise routine, routine holiday. On a normal night, Air Force personnel perform nearly 600,000 hours of missions across America, according to its website. Air Force troops also perform millions of hours at sea.

But at 8 a.m., the Air Force posted a message on social media saying that “several airmen at home were awoken from sleep by an armed, masked man in a dark suit, with a dark bag over his head. Three of the officers immediately rushed to the area in response, and four officers quickly responded to the location.”

The message added, “Due to safety issues, we will not be making any further statement at this time.” The Air Force said an officer’s body camera captured the incident and the footage had been turned over to authorities, but it was not clear whether it showed the incident from the soldier’s perspective.

The West Virginia governor, Earl Ray Tomblin, tweeted shortly after the incident to ask Air Force officials about the incident. But the Air Force s바카라aid in a statement on its website that none of the actions taken on the incident were related to the incident at Little Rock and that the video of the officer-involved shooting incident is not in the public domain.

“Our goal of making every possible effort to protect military families, airmen, the families of our fallen and civilians is the highest priority,” the statement read. “However, our response in the wake of a public safety incident does not require us to go to war in any way.”

The Air Force had released a brief message about the incident on its website. It read, “Two Air Force officers were conducting a routine security detail with a small group of citizens on base when they heard what they thought were fireworks in progress nearby. As security cleared the area an온 카지노d continued on a route through the restricted area, the two officers saw four suspects in dark clothes entering and attempting to steal a vehicle.”

“After being able to identify the suspect, two of the officers became aware of the suspects’ intent to commit a theft and responded to the scene, following the suspect back into an open field with all officers,” th