Strata title report to be handed down tod넷마블 바카라ay [Wednesday 16 September 2018]

We are pleased to announce that the report on the new RIT-Z-A study on gender and sex differences in brain and behaviour will now be handed down to the Council of Europe in its fourth plenary session. The report on the ZA is expected to be published in autumn 2018.

In accordance with Article 8 of the Treaty on European Union, the report will serve as a tool in the process of setting up a European-wide framework for promoting equality and justice in science, policy and society. In addition, the report will serve as a guide to scientists and academic personnel to ensure that they meet the demands of scientific activity in order to promote the highest standards of respect for all human beiXO 카지노ngs.

We welcome the decision of the Council to adopt the report, particularly since ZA is the first study to be subjected to this analysis and consideration.

The report will also serve as a resource for universities, educational institutions룰렛, researchers and others interested in supporting and promoting the promotion and protection of the interests of women and girls. We believe that this report will be of enormous help in this regard. In particular, the report will highlight issues and challenges facing the female research staff in Europe and how to reduce research productivity, protect female personnel from abuse, ensure women do not face marginalisation or neglect, and foster a better understanding of the different roles and duties for women in academic research.

We also thank the members of the Council of Europe and their representatives for their ongoing involvement in the formulation of the report which has taken place over seven years since it was initiated. We also encourage further cooperation between universities and experts as well as research institutes and research institutes for this purpose.

For our part, the Commission and the Council are of the view that it is important to put forward a common platform which is robust and transparent so as to support the European Union’s efforts to develop and support its research capacity, especially in areas such as health, education, economic development and the environment. The report should therefore serve as an example in promoting a common approach to scientific collaboration, which enables all concerned parties to pursue their work in a shared and fair way and to seek the best possible outcome.

In particular, we are of the view that this report should include proposals for the publication of the results of such a study and the mechanisms for data protection. As a result of this joint contribution to the publication of the results of the next ZA, a common approach should be followed to create, i