S african parliament passes gay marriage bill A bill that would legalize same-sex marriage passed the senate on Thursday, giving it immediate approval. It awaits approval in the house of deputies. The bill must still be signed by the president. AFP/Getty Images 9/8 Alaska voter initiative passes with 64% support A newly-enacted ballot initiative has been certified as the official state ballot measure by Alaska’s voters. It passed, with 64% support. “It is an exciting day in our country because we f인터넷바카라inally have a real representative in the White House who will represent all of us rather than just a privileged few,” Alaska Gov. Bill Walker said after the vote. Joe Raedle/Getty Images 10/8 Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg apologises for ‘provoking’ gay marriage debate Critics say Facebook’s support for same-sex marriage was a “call to arms” and that the social media company had “nothing to do” with the development. “Mark is gay and I love him and want to be with him forever,” a post by user Josh Kratz on the company’s official Facebook page said. “But we all make mistakes. And the choices we make affect all of us and our communities. Our responsibility is to love one another and be good neighbours to one another. That means being kind, accepting, courteous, respectful and sharing.” “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that every time you try to help someone else, give them another chance, it only magni마사지fies their pain,” Mr Zuckerberg added in a post. “I am gay, and I love my family and friends. I care deeply about the way we treat one another on this earth, and I deeply care about the way we treat one another when we’re out as gay.” Reuters 11/8 The best and worst gay couples in the world Gays and lesbians can be ridiculously popular – but it seems there is an age when few can top David Beckham and his wife Georgina. The American reality TV star has two dating relationships with British model Lola Kress. The pair dated for five years, according to a report in the Mirror. They split in September 2013 and have since been spotted together at New York Fashion Week. Getty Images 12/8 In pictures: LGBT teens and young adults mark the LGBT birthday Equality year: LGBT people celebrated LGBT Pride month with rainbow flags a창원출장안마nd balloons and music and dance performances; celebrations included films, an annual march and even a ‘free bathroom’ in The Pride Parade Square. But despite the festive mood, 2014 brought with it a raft o