Uzbekistan keeps world cup hopes alive

POGA-MOSCOW, March 9 /TASS/. Uzbekistan’s women’s national football team will face Russia on March 15 in a quarterfinal in their 2014 World Cup qualifier.

“It won’t be the last time that Tashkent has hosted a World Cup match,” a source at the Uzbekistan women’s national football team told TASS. “In fact, we are not even at this stage yet. And then there is a Worl코인 카지노d Cup qualifier in February. Russia has the chance to face any possible opponent, such as Russia. However, we are not sure when a quarterfinal of that kind will be played.”

Kyrgyzstan hosts Russia in its second-round playoff at the 2016 FIFA Women’s World Cup on 바카라March 25-27. The match, which will be played at the Zhukovsky Stadium in Yekaterinburg, will be broadcast by VTV-channel.

According to the source, a quarterfinal will be played on March 15 between Uzbekistan and Russian rivals, if possible.

In other World Cup news, Uzbekistan is making good on its promise of hosting the World Cup without th카지노e US. “Our team will have the opportunity to play Russia without the US,” a source told TASS.

The match will be held at Khojak International Sports Arena in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The match will take place at 6 p.m. local time on March 15, according to the source.

The Uzbekistan World Cup match is the team’s fourth in four attempts to win the World Cup. Uzbekistan lost in its first game to the United States in the 2002 quarterfinal. After losing to Georgia, the team then missed out in its next four games to Mexico, Colombia, England and South Africa.

The World Cup winner is also the first to host the tournament without the US. “We cannot give up as long as we can,” the source said.