Victorian footballer in coma after overdose of unknown drug near his home near Manchester

Manchester footballer Michael Owen has said he has lost touch with a “very important person in my life” after his blood-alcohol level swelled from 0.05 to 0.12, as a result of consuming two제천출장안마 high-strength pills while travelling during the second leg of the Manchester derby.

Owen, who was on the touchline for the Manchester derby at Old Trafford against Liverpool, took two drugs, two pills and two drops, he said, in one instance while at St John’s Park, in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, and was taken to hospital by ambulance. He said: “He was on his way home to South Kensington when he got picked up by ambulance at around 2am.

“The drug testing is supposed to be a one-time thing, but as the afternoon wore on he became more and more conscious and became more intoxicated.

“He came and told me about the trip he took and that he had suffered a heart attack.

“I went to the police station on Sunday morning and I’ve been told he hasn’t stopped talking.”

Owen is understood to have given a statement after being examined at the Royal Manchester College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Surgeons NHS trust. He said: “I’ve been in touch with a very important person in my life, and they’re concerned. I’ve put it on Twitter and they want to understand what happened and why I took such a huge amount of pills. I’ve put it on Facebook and I am talking to people who I should have spoken to years ago.”

Owen played a pivotal role in the Reds’ 4-2 win at the Kop. He was making his first appearance for manager Rafa Benitez, who was struggling to find form at the time.

He had been called into emergency training because he was “overheating” and appeared to struggle after taking the two pills but then had another bout, when he appeared to slip in a tunnel and have a blood clot.

Owen has said he will not talk슬롯 머신 at his wedding as he wants to “let people do all the talking” ahead of the nuptials but is understood to have decided to have two blood tests before being told he had two dr경주출장마사지 경주안마ug-related deaths.

Owen’s daughter, Ashley, has written on her Facebook page: “Michael has only ever really felt his family were in front of him. He just cannot be wit