Newest irrigation scheme launched in time for summer 2018

Kamrajakot has already had its first water test conducted on May 5 this year. It was tested at around 8:30 am and completed at 7:30 pm.The scheme will include water su광주출장샵pply from dams and ponds, irrigation of ponds and irrigation of land. For water supply on large ponds, a two month period (May and June) will be used to ensure adequate water supply for the entire period. The project has already received permission from the Kerala government.The ministry said that it will also provide irrigation infrastructure for about 1,200 houses. Water supply to them is to be provided on par with water supply for irrigation for the rural areas, the ministry said.The ministry has launched ano영양출장마사지스웨 디시ther project, Kovalam, in August for pro시흥출장마사지viding water to about 11,000 households from the Kavakkonam reservoir in Thiruvananthapuram district. The irrigation project will start next year and a feasibility study is pending.