Bike hire scheme to be free for most Auckland commuters, but cost would rise as the City increases fees

* The Mayor has told the Chamber he would like to see a free bike hire scheme for most people in Auckland – something he said “will get this thing sorted”, but it was not ready to announce yet

* “This is a big shift in Auckland in my view… [it’s] about creating opportunities to make it affordable for people and provide the infrastructure and mobility that’s necessary to make it affordable for everybody”.

* And the Government, he said, would help Auckland “do away with some of these complex business cycles”, before adding it needed “to address the needs of people living further down the coast”.

* He said it would not be in the city’s best interes진주안마ts if any council or individual was “going to be forced to be on a cycle on a daily basis”.

“It’s good business for us and it’s good for businesses, but ultimately, that’s the key and there can’t be two competing models,” he said.

* Auckland Mayor Lianne Dalziel said Aucklanders needed to take the opportunity to ride bicycles more, but it wasn’t there yet: “They have a lot 이천출장안마to learn.”

* Some of the bike schemes already being piloted in some major Auckland cities were “pretty bad” – Dalziel said – and he would look again:

* Some areas still needed better planning and some were “really difficult”

* “We should have seen something happening… in years past.”

TOMATI GOLDS, PRIME MINISTER: That’s my own point of view. I’m not going to say we’re right, bu카지노 게임t we’re not there yet.

That’s what I’ve said and I know Auckland’s got some work to do.

TONY ABBOTT, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF PROSPECTOR: I think one of the reasons is that it’s going to come down to money, that you have to look at how many bicycles you have available in the city, how efficient do they do what they do.

They’re going to have to be effective. I’m not saying they don’t have to be effective, but they should be efficient enough to do more, to the point where they’ll be there in years to come.

LEN WEILLER: Aucklanders in 2017 will receive free bikes from the City at a cost of just $35.