Cowboys injury woes worsen for Giants

Giants: How was it? Why can’t Dak Prescott get back to 100-yard games again?

Kickers: Why didn’t Brandon Myers throw more in the Cowboys’ Week 7 loss to the Eagles?

Quarterbacks: Will Dak Prescott be ready to step in for the injured Tim Hightower?

Running backs: What’s the plan in the wake of LeSean McCoy’s torn ACL?

D-line: Is the Cowboys ready for DeMarco Murray to return and be a top-10 fantasy running back in the NFC?

Wide rec진주안마eivers: Who will be the focus for the Eagles in the coming weeks? Who is this week’s highest price on defense?

Tight ends: What’s the situation on Jared Cook after the trade deadline?

Offensive line: Will Da화천출장안마llas have enough depth to keep starting tackle Tyron Smith healthy in 2013?

NFC North

Giants: How will Odell Beckham Jr. handle the pressure of taking over for his father?

Giants: What do Odell Beckham Jr.’s father have to say?

Giants: What does Odell Beckham Jr.’s father expect from his son in his first year as an Eagle?

Giants: Are the Giants getting much from the pass rush on the offensive line?

Dolphins: How far back do Miami’s aging roster go?

Redskins: Are the Redskins a contender for a first playoff win?

Eagles: Can Ryan Tannehill be the quarterback of the future?

Ravens: Can Joe Flacco sustain the pace he displayed before suffering a right knee injury?

Ravens: Can Matt Schaub continue his career?

Patriots: How will the Patriots respond if they have to start a backup QB for Weeks 10-13?

Vikings: Will Teddy Bridgewater be an impact player or just the backup QB?

Panthers: Can Cam Newton keep pace with Super Bowl 50 MVP Ca우리 카지노m Newton?

Cowboys: Is this the year the Cowboy offense returns to its 2013 form?

Ravens: Will the Ravens be good enough to stop the Ravens defense and put them back in the playoffs this year?

Vikings: Can Teddy Bridgewater do enough to help his former teammates?

NFC South

Bills: What if LeSean McCoy returns to full health?

Bills: Will this be th