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KRON 4 Staff – RAYMOND, Texas (KRON) — Several students were riding in their cars to school as heavy rains and flooding brought misery to nearby communities Monday.

The storm killed at least 25 people in Texas and New Mexico, according to the United Nations.

Two students were killed Monday in Raymond, a small Texas town at least 30 miles west of Houston, according to a story by CBS affiliate KHOU. Police said they were taking care of the accident.

The flooding was worse than last week’s storms. Floods in Houston and other areas flooded at least 16 homes, and several were reported destroyed, according to the Texas Tribune.

At least two school districts in Dallas were evac안산출장안마uated Sunday and Monday due to flooded roads and bridges, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald.

KHOU reported school personnel had been evacuating children from the school’s golf course, which was down three levels due to flooding, as well as all of the nearby schools, as a precautionary measure.

More photos from Hurricane Harvey damage in #Raymond, Texas, which was recently declared a Federal Superfund site. — Michael Loccisano (@michael_loccisano) August 25, 2017

RALEIGH, N.C. – Some families from New Orleans may still be paying the bills as floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey spread, CBS affiliate WSOC reported.

NBC Charlotte had more:

“I did say I could get by, but I still need food. People are running around, making food,” a woman who lived in the area told CBS2’s Tom Clark.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has started to offer financial aid for flood victims. People are also being a일산출장마사지sked to apply for free or discounted supplies for families in need.

Some people are leaving the Houston area and heading south to the coast.

FEMA spokesman Matt Wilson said in a statement Friday afternoon that disaster officials had received over 30 calls, up fr샌즈 카지노om about 15 last week, urging residents to evacuate their homes after rain had made roads slippery and flooded roads and bridges.

Wilson said an additional 9,300 people have been relocated across the region, which is now nearly a third of the state.

Some shelters are now open during “extreme weather” but are not accessible to residents due to flooding. Peopl