Leaders discuss king is shipping problems but they must meet cost; Trump not behind by days.

The leaders of Canada’s three main opposition parties came together at a luncheon Thursday to take on a prime minister who has taken Canada to war over his decision to scrap a contentious climate change policy.

“This is an issue of respect, and I think that’s something that I think that we’ll continue to work on in the election,” Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau told reporters.

“The world’s biggest economy is going to have to do it, the world’s smallest economy is going to have to do it, other countries are going to have to do it.”

The Conservatives are promising to i넷마블 바카라ncrease funding for green projects, such as wind farms, solar power plants, biodiesel, green infrastructure projects and clean-tech innovation in government. They also have proposed a cap and trade scheme that would raise profits from carbon and other pollutants to help combat global warming제천출장안마.

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The Liberals promised a much lower-tax regime to reduce the amount of federal revenue collected by business and to make the tax system more progressive. But they also said they will not commit to a carbon price.

The Liberal and NDP policies represent a shift away from traditional, business-friendly and conservative leaders and towards more populist promises.

They also came close to an agreement on a federal minimum wage but only managed to pull off a compromise with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau after Mr. Trudeau threatened to pull out of the Paris agreement, even though all parties have said Canada has the right to take steps like joining it.

“I think the NDP is ready for the Liberals to have some differences of opinion,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said to reporters after their talks. “But at least they’re going to be honest about it and recognize that there’s going to be more disagreements.”

One issue that seemed to be uniting the parties was the prime minister’s use of Twitter, which he is expected to move more aggressively on if elected.

Mr. Morneau said a more consistent use of the social media channel would show Mr. Trudeau the prime minister can handle the pressure. “In a way the use of Twitter is a good thing because we’re facing people like him,” he said.

“I know that he is able to handle these demands from this group of people who are against him.”

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Mr. Trudeau dismissed concerns that the prime minister will turn into a tal