Was pilbara coast on일산출장안마 cyclone alert.

Tropical cyclone Patience, moving over the northern half of Queensland, is expected to move onshore this morning before travelling towards Darwin this evening and eventually Tasmania.

Tropical cyclone Patience is expected to move onshore for around 1.5 hours before moving towards Darwin for around 1.9 hours later today and Friday.

Th마사지e last tropical cyclone to make landfall in Australia was Tropical Storm Sandy in 2004.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority warned there may be several storms of Cyclone Patience making landfall this weekend.

But forecaster Paul Harris from Melbourne’s Weather Bureau said there was little to fear and no serious damage.

“It’s going to be just the kind of cyclone the nation was waiting for. It’s going to be just a great weather event, in our minds at least,” he said.

The cyclone should track between 10 nautical miles east-north-northwest of Queensland and 5.5 nautical miles west-east before the landfall of Patience at noon Thursday.

It is likely to remain in the north-eastern part of the 대전 마사지state until Saturday.

Tropical storm warnings have now been issued in: