New public nuisance powers begin in qld [23/12/2014, 7:30:21 AM] Randi Harper: oh wow [23/12/2014, 7:30:23 AM] Randi Harper: i can’t believe i haven’t done this. [23/12/2014, 7:30:28 AM] Randi Harper: ever. [23/12/2014, 7:30:43 AM] Randi Harper: i think i did. [23/12/2014, 7:30:47 AM] Randi Harper: did you? [23/12/2014, 7:30:52 AM] Ian Cheong: I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks. [23/12/2014, 7:31:06 AM] Randi Harper: and i’m wondering where my new neighbors come from and why? [23/12/2014, 7:31:11 AM] Ian Cheong: i really love this game. [23/12/2014, 7:31:16 AM] Ian Cheong: my whole life. [23/12/2014, 7:31:25 AM] 마카오카지노Ian Cheong: this is the most boring time of the year. [23/12/2014, 7:31:34 AM] Ian Cheong: the snow sucks [23/12/2014, 7:31:42 AM] Ian Cheong: I can hear a train [23/12/2014, 7:31:45 AM] Ian Cheong: and not a train on the other side of it. [23/12/2014, 7:31:48 AM] Randi Harper: i got a message from my neighbor saying i’m not a bad person because i make sure his kid stays up too late, and he’s a shitty dad. [23/12/2014, 7:31:50 AM] Randi Harper: im kind of glad he called his daughter in case things got ugly. [23/12/2014, 7:31:55 AM] Randi Harper: and i wonder what he thought of the snow [23/12/2014, 7:32:05 AM] Ian Cheong: he’s so cool. [23/12/2014, 7:32:15 AM] Ian Cheong수원출장안마: i’m really digging his parenting. [23/12/2014, 7:32:17 AM] Ian Cheong: i think he’s always been a shitty father영천출장안마. [23/12/2014, 7:32:27 AM] Randi Harper