Coroner delivers chilling verdict on london schoolgirl murdered after allegedly stealing her homework

In the final words of her story, 17-year-old Laura Smith, told the coroner she had been ‘brainwashed’ into thinking she had raped her 14-year-old brother

Liz Morgan died in hospital three weeks after her murder because’she couldn’t think clearly’, the court heard yesterday.

Police discovered a huge amount of notes written by Laura Smith, her teenage brother, were recovered from the house at a house in Luton, West Midlands, and found to be written with Ms Smith’s own words, prosecutor Ian Brown told the jury.

Mr Brown said that despite the huge amount of evidence the judge accepted that Mr Smith’s brother Mark Morgan must also be responsible for killing his sister.

The defendant, of Hounslow in north London, has admitted one count of rape and one count of intenti골목onal wounding, saying: ‘The evidence was overwhelming in my view and you should find him guilty.’

The judge, who has presided over more than 150 murder cases in England and Wales, said ‘there is a large difference’ between kill인터넷 카지노ing someone and ‘using a weapon to cause the death of another person’.

The jury of nine women and seven men, which had a full hearing, heard how Laura Smith was found in her bedroom after a routine home security inspection when her brother asked if he could use the bathroom and left her, her hair dishevelled and bloody.

In the note,청주출장안마 Mr Morgan also said his sister had been forced to kiss him and had been raped and had then given herself over to her brother.

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Jurors: The murder scene of Liz Smith’s home in Luton (pictured) where she was murdered is revealed after finding a’massive amount’ of notes written by Laura Smith in the aftermath of her brother’s death

Detective Chief Superintendent Keith Jones told the jury that if convicted, Mark Morgan ‘could be facing life in prison for her murder and we are appealing against that’

When it emerged that her life had been taken, Ms Smith was rushed to the Royal London Hospital before passing away two weeks after her death.

Mr Morgan had been arrested by armed police following the discovery of her body after returning home from work and then handed over to officers after she was found.

Police found Laura Smith’s note in the bedroom, along with her bloody clothes and her bloodstained phone which she allegedly took to voicemail.