Umpire dies after being struck by cricket ball

Cricket: India’s ODI opener Dhoni is congratulated after scoring against Pakistan at the Wankhede Stadium

Para: Dhoni (centre) with captain Misbah-ul-Haq after the game

Dhoni and Misbah celebrate the victory, after the World Cup

Kurtis Chopra scored the final run for Pakistan, but did not bow the ball in time

Kurtis Chopra has told the BBC’s Newsnight that the captain was in pain and asked the officials to allow the batsman to continue.

Dhoni, whose England team failed in their World Cup qualifying draw with South Africa last month, has been replaced by Misbah on a temporary basis with one-day internationals due to take place in two weeks’ time블랙 잭.

But he said later that he was not considering quitting his position.

On the night of his death, Dhoni, 33, was seen at the hospital after sustaining a head injury.

The ECB tweeted that he was “alert” but a statement later said: “Dhoni was reported to the match management office at 10.10am this morning with a head injury. His condition is now stable and the ECB continues to monitor the situation as part of our protocol.”

Dhoni and Misbah at the World Cup

Misbah arrives in Karachi ahead of the Champions Trophy final with England

Dhoni had been at the hospital for se공주출장샵veral hours when team doctors and fans first began to arrive on the grounds of the Royal Birstall hospital.

But he could be seen coming on air at the hospital on Tuesday morning, with many of his international team-mates including England captain Virat Kohli and Australia’s Chris Rogers among them at the hospital.

A statement from the Indian national Cricket Association said on Friday: “The players’ family and family members of many players, including Virat Kohli, Chris Rogers, Alastair Cook and Chris Woakes attended a special reception for Dhoni in Karachi.

“Dhoni, one of the most popular players in Indian cricket, was in a critical condition this morning after sustSM 카지노aining a head injury that caused severe bleeding. His condition was initially reported to be stable. His family and family members of many of the players (including Virat Kohli, Chris Rogers, Alastair Cook, Chris Woakes) joined us in Lahore to welcome him.”

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