Protesters attack israeli embassy in cairo city

11:30 GMT: Israel says it is in touch with the US to seek more international condemnations of its incursion into Gaza.

US State Dept spokesperson Jen Psaki says she hopes the United States will condemn the “horrific attack” in Gaza and that the incident must be condemned 카지노커뮤니티by all of its allies.

The US military said there were no casualties among Palestinians.

An Israeli defense official had earlier told Reuters a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel was intercepted by the F-15 jet.

US-led coalition warplanes struck what they said was a militant-run base in Syria last month, killing an alleged member of Al Qaeda. Israel has since said the suspected member was indeed a terrorist, who had been in Syria.

“We are following developments in Gaza as closely as possible,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel Radio.

“Of course we condemn in the strongest possible terms that the Palestinian terrorists have launched an attack on Israeli soldiers.”

US President Barack Obama, speaking after Netanyahu, said in a news conference that the US was “very concerned by what appears to be deliberate targeting of Israel”.

The Israeli military statement said rocket fire had hit the northern Gaza city of Rafah, which has been under rocket attack f점보카지노rom Gaza.

Netanyahu told reporters that, according to Israeli and international assessments, the rocket launch was by Hamas, a militant group whose Gaza operatives had conducted recent terror attacks in Israel, and that Israeli security forces “took all necessary measures to ensure this wasn’t the cause”.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said that while “there’s no doubt that these were Hamas activities”, “I’m concerned that there was also an Israeli military response”, which “raises some issues. I’m also concerned about what a direct Israeli response might look like” to a threat to Israeli soldiers.용인출장안마

A soldier who spoke on condition of anonymity told Reuters that no Israeli soldiers were injured on Tuesday night in the fighting, which involved hundreds of Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

He said the Israeli army was on high alert. “There’s an Israeli air defence system; there are some missiles; there are some fighters,” he said. “The threat is very serious.”

The Gaza health ministry said around 1,000 Palestinians had been treated for injuries sustained in the fighting.

In a message to Hamas, the US declared that it strongly objected to “targeted incursions into Israel’s occupied Palestinian territory an