Man charged after alleged bomb threa우리 카지노t against police station in Newham is described as “not fit for duty”

Police in Greater Manchester have released CCTV images from the station of a man they believe is responsible for two incidents of bomb threats made in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The CCTV, seen at the police station in Wandsworth and broadcast live on BBC One’s Newsnight programme, shows an unknown white man appearing to place a hand over his face and place it on the shoulder of a female officer.

The video cuts to another officer trying to restrain the suspect and one of his hands going out of his pants.

The suspect runs to another police van and then back into the station where he can be seen returning into his vehicle and closing the van doors.

Police said both incidents occurred about 8.30am. One was reported to officers by residents on the station, who saw him on CCTV, and the other was reported to them by a member of the public.

The male and female officers were at Wandsworth police station to deliver evidence at a hearing at Preston Crown Court on Monday.

One of the officers from Greater Manchester Police, who did not want to be named, told The Independent: “I couldn’t quite remember which one happened but I believe it was early hours.

“What did I see? I saw a young white man walking along the side of a railway platform looking back at us and with a hand on his forehead and looking down.

“I could only recal세종안마l two things at first: one was I thought this was a prank and the other is thaSM 카지노t there were two incidents.”

Wandsworth station, Newham, is in the north east of Greater Manchester. The station is owned by Royal Bank and has a busy night shift.

The station closed at 4am and the train that was being used was later rerouted to nearby Chatham.

The Metropolitan Police said: “On Saturday, 12 April at 5.30am, officers were called by local residents at the Wandsworth station in the early hours of Saturday morning. They saw the male suspect approach a female officer and take the handover hand and put it across his lips then go to get into his vehicle.

“He was reported to police, who immediately called bomb technicians to bring out the device. The device was not suitable for forensic analysis and was destroyed.

“The device which had been thrown, the size of which was not visible at the time, was foun