Majura parkway contractor in administration to conduct the demolition, he said.

“The parkway has already been cleared with the help of our workers, but we will perform more demolition work to clear the area. We expect them to complete the demolition in the next two days. We also want to conduct additional work as soon as possible so as to allow to demolish the area before they finish the demolit마사지ion,” the worker said.

Bhupen Path construction company has built a 12-metre high, 11-metre wide track over the existing parkway f샌즈 카지노or paving purposes at a cost of Rs 4,800 crore. The ministry of ciXO 카지노vil aviation had last week cleared construction of a 16-metre tall tunnel, costing around Rs 13,800 crore, from the existing parkway to the nearby Mahavir Bhavan.

With inputs from PTI