Sydney aquifer contamination widens, the water supply is being diverted to an industrial park in Port Stephens, north of Sydney

Aerial photograph shows a large-scale leak near Sydney aquifer in February 2014

The aquifer, which supplies 80% of the city’s drinking water, was found to be contaminated in the early hours of Friday, despite experts arguing at the time that it should not be a problem.

Mr Turnbull said yesterday: ‘What you’re seeing, in fact, is a situation where we’ve had a major leak.

‘There’s been an attempt to diver바카라 게임t the water to a industrial park in Port Stephens that has produced significant impacts on the people of the City of Sydney.

‘So the water crisis in Sydney has resulted in m오피스 타assive water consumption.’

Mr Turnbull said the spill was the result of ‘a faulty tank’ being tested at The Point in 2014.

The aquifer is located near a large industrial park on the outskirts of Sydney.

This week, an 18-year-old woman was charged with the manufacture and sale of illegal chemicals at the site following reports of water being piped from the aquifer.

The company that was contracted to transport the water said they found a leak that would be’satisfactory for commercial use’, the Morning Telegraph reported yesterday.

Sydney’s Department of Premier and Cabinet said: ‘The ground가평출장안마water crisis in Sydney has resulted in enormous water consumption, particularly in the Sydney CBD.’