Bodyguard to get modern remake, and make all your battles in it. But since I didn’t have any more time. I have to update my current version to 3.0 which I know a lot of players want, so I will upload it as soon as possible.

Also, if you would like to join us in making my project, please make a donation on my DeviantArt page.

Update : 3.0

– added some new features to improve combat

– added many new enemies to fight

– ad마이다스 카지노ded a lot of new abilities for my party to us카지노 사이트e and control,

– added more enemies, bosses and weapons to fight

– changed some enemy types

– fixed some bugs and made a few small balance changes

– added a few new enemies to fight

– made some enemy type abilities so more characters will fight together (with better chance of getting good equipment)

– made some new abilities for my characters (with better chance of getting better equipment)

– changed some monster types for better chance of getting better equipment

– fixed a few minor진주출장안마 bugs

– fixed a few things on my end

– fixed a few things on DeviantArt

– added a special character who can fight at certain times

– fixed an enemy type bug

– fixed an animation issue when attacking with more than three attacks

– fixed a few minor bugs on the main menu