Bentley police said they are investigating the shooting after a woman was found with a black eye at the scene Wednesday night.

“That’s why we took the woman to the hospital and treated her for what she had in her mouth,” said police Sgt. Randy Sager. “She was a victim of somet포커 의 신hing that happened on the porch.”

The suspect, whom authorities identified as 34-year-old Derrick Ray Johnson, has a history of domestic abuse, Sager said. The case was reported to police by the Bellevue man who found the woman on the porch with her black eye.

“It was a victim of domestic violence who came to us after the officer went after the suspect who was running away and came back after the officer shot the suspect,” Sager said. “So that was a pretty severe, physical thing that occurred.

“When that officer arrived, this guy was already on the porch. He was trying to open the door. It was going to be a struggle if it wasn’t for an officer that came out of nowhere.”

Detectives said Johnson had just threatened to kill the officer and the officers were unable to get him to comply with the man’s demands. Johnson then fired two sh광주출장안마ots at the officer and “he had one bullet in his head,” Sager said.

No i이천안마 이천출장샵njuries were reported.