Edington rules the pool in moscow.

“I have no knowledge of how he is doing it. I haven’t heard anything from him in the three years he’s been here. In my view, it’s not even possible for him to be sitting here in London and do it.”
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He said: “There’s more pressure on the sport for people like him. I can understand where the argument is coming from, but I think they need to think more about what is best for the sport.

“As much as wxo카지노e want some professional drivers to drive t에스엠 카지노heir cars there are risks in the game, and sometimes I hope they’ll take those risks but I wouldn’t look for them.

“One driver is an example. The other was in a position where he wasn’t even ready for a career, because of his bad luck.

“How does he know what he’s doing is right? It would be like saying someone is an absolute fool if they think the car just doesn’t work for them.”