No security in afghanistan until drug production and supply channels are fully developed

The government of Afghanistan has pledged to address drug issues as it embarks on a plan to develop the country’s drugs industry in a bid to bolster national security.

Published by GlobalPost, the document details the government’s goal for developing the Afghan economy: “The Afghan Government will focus on the economic aspects of the drug and firearms industries.” It also calls for boosting the military-industry industry by 5 percent and the border guard industry by 3.5 percent, adding that “the growth will also go to improving access to and communication with the communities affected by drug trafficking and illegal arms transportation.”

The government also said its government would “organize and prepare a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment on the need for a robust and comprehensive drug security program and its future direction.”

An army general who leads a large-scale drug-related investigation, and one of the report’s authors, said the goal was to build a broader infrastructure, including security infrastructure. “I see the government as having two approaches for the drug sector,” the official said. “One, develop the drug sector as an industry, the other is to bring security, infrastructure and technology to the sector and the private sector.”

According to a survey of drug users by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, about half of drug users told the U.S. the sector provided “significant opportunities for them and increased their quality of life.”

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has promised to create a $7-million fund to assist with building up the economy. The fund카지노커뮤니티s will be used “to improve the security, infrastructure and technology that support the drug trade.”

On Wednesday, President Ghani will address the 15th annual World Conference for the Globalization of Health, Medicine, and Social Innovation in Medellin, Colombia.

Last August, Ghani also announced a $35-million fund that would invest in research on how to produce more effective, safe and efficient drugs to reduce deaths and disease, according to the International Narcotics Control Board.

In recent years블랙 잭, Afghanistan has become the world’s largest producer and importer of hashish, a plant, and also the world’s top consumer of heroin.

According to reports, Afghan drug-dealing gangs t아산안마 아산출장마사지hat control poppy cultivation, production and import have been responsible for a quarter-million deaths since 2004.