Suspicious fire threatens homes in wallan street after explosion

The blast occurred at 4:39 p.m., about a block from a townhouse complex, where many homes were inside.

One woman who was living in the first unit, a unit adjacent to the bomb, saw fire and ran outside, she said. There was a lot of smoke and dust, but no one else inside, she said.

“I saw smoke coming from the roof and it was coming from where someone had put the insulation,” said the woman, who couldn’t give her name. “The smoke coming from the fire and I didn’t think it was real, but the fla호 게임mes were coming from the roof, from the outside. I knew people were upstairs.”

A witness told CBS Philadelphia that he heard a large explosion and saw bodies on the ground. He said there was a woman who was being helped out of a room and some family members were inside a hallway nearby.

Police said one victim, a young woman, died of smoke inhalation.

The victim was identified as Sajira Brown, 24. Brown is the daughter of a housekeeper for the owner of the townhouse where the b건마last occurred. Sajira Brown was being held Friday at the Philadelphia Police Department’s crime lab.

The explosion also wounded another resident in the middle of a resident’s home. Police have not said where the blast went off.

One woman who was being treated at a hospital said she believes there may have been some type of accident.

“I hear,슬롯 머신 ‘Oh my God,’ ” said the woman. “I hear one big explosion followed by a lot of shots. And that’s when the smell started coming out of the whole house.”

She said she rushed upstairs to try to pull someone out of the shower room, then ran outside and saw two men who were being helped out. Both were “barely breathing” and appeared to be suffering from smoke inhalation, she said.

She said there was an alarm going off and she went inside the room but heard a loud explosion, followed by smoke.

“They were screaming, ‘Get down,’ and the woman was bleeding a lot and they were trying to pull her out of the shower,” the woman said. “They pulled her out and she was trying to get her clothes back on.”

The woman, who declined to give her name, said she was in a bedroom but not with people living there.

The woman was treated and then released b