Opposition questions breath test speed equipment

It was initially suggested the Opposition might press on and make evidence on the issue – after all, it doesn’t have the numbers to vote against it anyway, and no-one is claiming that the Prime Minister cannot vote against it.

The Senate Select Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in 2013 asked the Federal Government whether it had examined the case against breath tests at all since it came to Parliament in 2006, after the report.

On February 3, 2013, it answered “no”.

The same question has been asked five times now.

Mr Abbott says this is “one of the largest changes to the law since it was introduced, which in서산출장안마 my experience has cost hundreds of millions of dollars every time something like this has been overturned”.

“The answer to Senator Liddell-Grainger’s question about the number of Senate votes that have been made is that there is not a lot of time for that to happen,” he added.

“I think I have the numbers. I think that I do have enough information to make the case, and that is why I have made the argument.

“I will not make that argument if we are going to do this in Parliament – or, if we are not.

“I would rather have the Australian people have the opportunity to make up their own minds, but I will be damned if I will support this bill with a vote of mine, with support from my party.

“I am talking to the people now that are responsible for it, the experts, with the support of the parliamentary committee that is on it.”

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No questions asked on Senate breath test bill

During the interview, Senator Liddell-Grainger said she still had two more issues to address before she can make a decision on the bill.

At the time, sh골목e suggested the Opposition would press ahead with its own parliamentary Bill (No. 3) because it was not going to meet the threshold for the upper house, and would need to be discussed later by the Senate as part of its cross-party talks.

While the Liberals have not formally said their position on the bill, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Jacqui Lambie said she thought some Liberal senators may find it difficult to vote no because of previous commitments about not supporting Labor’s motion call용인출장샵ing for a parliamentary audit of the breath tests.

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