Water authority restructures billing process to better handle costs and increase transparency

The Texas Public Policy Foundation reports: “During the 2012-2013 season, the Texas Water System implemented a cost-saving process in which customers could pay for water through a credit card that required a credit card number for each billing cycle. Under the new system, customers could choose to pay in their individual billing categories to reduce the cost of water service. When a customer had an excessive or recurring bill, a customer service representative would contact the customer to help resolve the issue. This is similar to how customers pay for gas, but customers pay in their individual payment categories. The new system allowed customers to pay using credit cards or PayPal.카지노 사이트 Customers were given the ability to pay for the water they use and not pay their bills with their individual water account.”

Water system also works to ensure that more water is available

Texas Water System is currently trying to reach out to more customers through email, Facebook, and phone. The Water Service is asking that customers post their Water and Waste notifications through their website so that other customers can also report issues and have them investigated. For more information, see Texas Water System’s Water and Waste notification guide and contact a customer service representative.

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