Water authority restructures billing process to reduce confusion and improve customer service

May 14, 2015 – Phoenix, AZ – The Phoenix Public Service Commission, which is charged with issuing and servicing the city’s water and sewer system, has announced that it will begin a reclassification of water service, giving residents more clarity regarding the process they must follow in order to access a water line or boil water.

Commissioner Gary D. Greenfield stated in a news release, “The new reclassification of water lines and boil water will help reduce confusion as to which water is included and how it can be accessed and returned. Previously, customers were directed to follow certain procedures, such as turning on the faucet at a specific time, or going to an ATM before returning wate우리 카지노r to 여주출장안마the tap, but new information will provide information about how to complete water lines and boil water requests as well.”

In addition to reducing confusion with regards to water lines, the new reclassification of boil water, which is a single kettle of water boiled and combined, will allow all cur대구 출장 안마rent customers to return to the use of their own water without an additional charge.

Commissioner Greenfield concluded, “We have long supported the elimination of copper-based filtration, but this initiative will give residents more visibility into the process of their water bill while also improving customer service and simplifying it for thousands of people.”

The Council also authorized additional steps that will ensure the efficiency and safety of the Phoenix Water and Sewer Authority. These steps include:

A new public presentation to explain why there is a need for an all-or-nothing split in Phoenix’s water system.

An updated billing process regarding return of the boil water or service for water lines.

New notification system regarding changes to water lines and boil water, including new notification requirements for all new customers and customers who want to return to their prior service.

A transition plan to reduce the number of calls to the water utility, so that there can be greater focus on customer service issues and reduced calls to the utility.

The Council also authorized an additional $10 million to ensure the financial sustainability and operation of the water and sewer system during the anticipated downturn in the water market and to provide financial aid to encourage private sector investment and modernization of the water system.

For more information about the proposed changes, as well as other recent changes to Phoenix Public Service Commission regulations, please contact:

Wetzel, C.J. (619) 928-123