Two people taken to hospital after explosion at shopping centre in Istanbul

Police have sealed off areas outside the shopping centre, in the Aydar district, on the edge of Istanbul where a suicide bomber detonated himself on Tuesday.

Witnesses said an explosion shook the area shortly after dawn.

According to the Turkish official Anadolu news agency, authorities have detained six men, two of them in ties with the outlawed Kurd강원출장샵istan Workers Party (PKK), which is waging an insurgency against the state.

Four women were also taken to hospital after the blast.

One woman, who asked not to be named, told Anadolu news agency that she was leaving a nearby clothing store with her friend when they heard a loud explosion.

“I rushed down to the store and saw women and children lying in the debris. At that point it sounded like a bomb.”

She said she saw the woman, a university graduate, lying in the centre of the shopping centre with burns and facial injuries. “She has lost a lot of hair,” she said.

Onlookers rushed to help the woman who was taken to the hospital, where she later underwent surgery.

One witness said: “There were more explosions in the area at the time [of the bombing]. It was just a moment after a couple of suicide bombers had killed and injured hundreds at [the airport].”

“I thought maybe a bomb had gone off at another shopping mall. But I’ve been here four days and there was nothing.”

A few hours before the explosion, a separate attack was reported in the same area.

Police said at least nine people were wounded after two car bombs were detonated at the Aslan shopping mall in the capital Ankara. A car went off in a parking lot nearby.

Turkey has seen hundreds of attacks in recent years by Islamic groups on the country’s security forces and at military targets.

The last attack on a major Turkish city was in July 2016,카지노 when a suicide bo아로마 마사지mber blew himself up in central Ankara, killing 14 people.